Corso carriage and chair by Denise and Jolande Rusman

Denise and Jolande Rusman are two sisters who love socializing and they are both fanatical parade builders. For years they have been building a float for Bloemencorso Bollenstreek with a pleasant group of volunteers as parade group De Zilk.

Jolande and Denise grew up with dahlias and they think these colorful flowers deserve to be in the spotlight. They have therefore been actively involved in the Holland Dahlia Event for a number of years.

This year, the car of the municipality of Teylingen was chosen, with Jacoba van Beieren in the leading role. The choice was quickly made because this car comes into its own at the Kasteel Keukenhof estate. And the now famous chair will also return to the estate.

Jolande and Denise take on the organization to put this float with the help of other enthusiastic volunteers. They will undoubtedly surprise us again during the Holland Dahlia Event.

So be sure to visit the Estate during the HDE