Where can you visit?

In the Netherlands the primary cultivation and trade areas for dahlias are concentrated between Leiden and Haarlem. Many of the most prominent flower growers, tuber growers and tuber exporters can be found there. This makes it easier for you to visit several locations in one day. Which companies have thrown open their doors? The participants in the Holland Dahlia Event are marked on the map given below. 


    CNB / De Tulperij

    Oude Herenweg 16 B
    2215 RZ

    Dahlia in bloei Bezoeklocatie Vriend van de Dahlia Consument

    FBT Tuinbouw show

    FBT Showtuin
    Zilkerbinnenweg 88
    2191 AE
    De Zilk

    Dahlia in bloei

    Kasteel Keukenhof

    Keukenhof 1
    2161 AN

    Dahlia in bloei

    Fred de Meulder Export B.V.

    Pastoorslaan 30A
    2182 BX

    Dahlia in bloei

    Geerlings Dahlia's

    Geerlings Dahlia's
    Kadijk 38
    2104 AA

    Dahlia in bloei