What is the Holland Dahlia Event?

Dahlias are not only one of the oldest cultivated tuber flowers, they are also versatile and have many applications. Dahlias can be used for landscaping, in retails, as cut flowers as well as being potted. Breeders are actively developing new varieties, new forms and new colours. Having a good idea of the assortment available is important for exporters and dealers. They need to know which companies can provide the quality you are searching for. This means the right equation can be formulated: The right assortment. The right quantities.

That is the purpose of the Holland Dahlia Event. It is an event that displays all aspects of dahlias. Companies in the most important production region in the Netherlands – between Leiden and Haarlem – will open their doors from mid-August to the end of September 2023.

What can you expect to see?
At several of the participating companies, you can see the entire assortment in bloom. The flowers can be found outside, in the fields and inside, in vases. There will be the familiar varieties that are among the most popular dahlias, as well as promising newcomers. The companies are happy to talk to you about the possibilities for collaboration. Along with the stunning flowers, packaging materials, product lines and other options will be in the spotlights. That is why you must not miss the Holland Dahlia Event!