Holland Dahlia Event

Holland Dahlia Event 2021 – programma

Holland Dahlia Event 2021 – programma

Holland Dahlia Event 2021 - program The Holland Dahlia Event is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. We are proudly looking forward to this fifth edition. The Dahlia will take centre stage in a fun and varied program. This year, the 5th...

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Plan for Dahlia event 2021 has been completed

Plan for Dahlia event 2021 has been completed

Plan for Dahlia event 2021 has been completed We have now had 4 successful years of the Holland Dahlia Event. The reach of our campaign has grown enormously in these 4 years and last year we fully focused on the digital interpretation with social...

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Welcome to the fifth Holland Dahlia Event!

The popularity of the dahlia has grown enormously in recent years. We notice that in everything. Tuber growers, flower growers and exporters have once again joined forces for a wonderful dahlia event in 2021. Preparations are in full swing for the planting of visiting locations and dahlia show gardens. Work is also underway on the realization of dahlia mosaics.

New is the collaboration with the Clusius College in Alkmaar. About 18 year-end students work in groups on a dahlia object at Keukenhof castle. The theme for this is ‘Wedding Fairytale’ and fits well in the romantic garden of Keukenhof, where many bridal couple have themselves photographed on their wedding day. A great opportunity for the students of the direction ‘Flower & Design’ to show their skills. At Clusius College, green is the basis for a colorful future, the Dahlia certainly shows that color!

The dahlia objects of the Clusius College can be viewed from 1 to 3 September 2021 near Keukenhof Castle.

The visiting locations can usually be visited from mid-August to the end of September 2021, with due observance of the measures applicable at that time.

CNB / De Tulperij

Oude Herenweg 16 B
2215 RZ

Dahlia in bloei Bezoeklocatie Vriend van de Dahlia Consument

FBT Tuinbouw

The Tulip Barn/FBT
3e Loosterweg 130
2182 CX

Dahlia in bloei

Kasteel Keukenhof

Keukenhof 1
2161 AN

Dahlia in bloei

Fred de Meulder Export B.V.

Pastoorslaan 30A
2182 BX

Dahlia in bloei

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