Fourth edition Holland Dahlia Event in the risers

Fourth edition Holland Dahlia Event in the risers

From 26 to 28 August 2020, the participants – united in the Holland Dahlia Event Foundation – will support the fourth edition to promote the Dahlia during the three-day event. “The fact that there is so much interest in participating is unique. It indicates that Dahlia cultivation has a future, “said co-organizer Richard Walkier on behalf of the organization.

Dahlia cultivation is a fairly stable cultivation in the Netherlands. Important export partners for the Dutch tubers and flowers are Germany, England and France in particular. Markets such as Russia and Ukraine are also showing increasing interest in the Dutch product.

With the Holland Dahlia Event, the sector aims to give collective cultivation a boost. Flower growers, tuber growers, tuber traders and brokers have therefore joined forces for the fourth Holland Dahlia Event. Walkier: “With regard to visiting addresses, we have worked on quantity and completeness, so that we now have a choice from tuber grower to flower producer and cutting addresses for starting material.”

Wide variety of Dahlias
Richard Walkier: “More is already written about the Dahlia. The Dahlia is a crop that offers the consumer a lot of value. Dahlia continues to bloom from summer until the first frost. And there is a wide variety of varieties, from single-flowered to whimsical shapes and colors. “

Depending on the developments surrounding the Corona virus, the plans for the fourth edition will be worked out in more detail.