The fourth Holland Dahlia Event!

The fourth Holland Dahlia Event!

By now, the Holland Dahlia Event has been held on three successful occasions. This spring, dahlias were planted again at three locations so that people can enjoy all the many different special flower shapes and colours that dahlias have to offer. This year, the Holland Dahlia Event will be held online. This will make it possible to view the dahlias for longer than a week.

Since the lockdown began in March 2020, measures limiting our freedom of movement are gradually being relaxed and land borders are reopening one by one.

While there are still rules in place that would have an impact on the Holland Dahlia Event, visiting the gardens in person will also be possible since the dahlia show gardens will be open to the public from mid-August to the end of September 2020:

  • CNB Showtuin (bij De Tulperij)
  • F.B.T. Showtuin (bij Meko-Hulsebosch)
  • A.T.G. van Haaster (Showtuin)
  • Fred. de Meulder (Showtuin)
  • Kasteel Keukenhof (Sfeertuin)
  • Weijers Nurseries (Showtuin)

This year, the Holland Dahlia Event will focus more than ever on using digital technology for promotional purposes. Efforts are being directed to developing this content in the form of videos and photographic images that will then be distributed online within the profession and via the press. In this way, the Holland Dahlia Event hopes to reach the widest possible audience.

More information is available at .