Color explosion at historic Keukenhof Estate

Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the opening of the 5th Holland Dahlia Event for the press took place at Keukenhof Castle. We are happy that we can show the dahlia to a wide audience there, just like Keukenhof does in the spring for the tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. We show no fewer than 150 varieties to consumers, colleagues and the press. These have been made available by many breeders, growers and exporters. In this way we ensure a nice promotion.

At Keukenhof Castle you can see a blooming, romantic garden with many dahlias this summer. For the days of the Holland Dahlia Event, the organization has entered into a partnership with the Clusius College (Bloem & Design) in Alkmaar. Year-end students have made ten beautiful dahlia objects for the Holland Dahlia Event. The theme for this is ‘Wedding Fairytale’. All these dahlia objects can be viewed via a walking route.

The gardens of Keukenhof Castle are open daily and freely accessible to the public. Many visitors enjoy the overwhelming splendor of colours. From Wednesday 1 September to Sunday 5 September there will also be three large dahlia hearts, “stabed” by volunteers from the Flower Parade of the Bollenstreek and an enormous chair covered with dahlia flowers on which visitors can take a seat to take a picture. Just like in previous years, we are bringing extra attention to the dahlia with various dahlia sculptures.

The show gardens of Fred de Meulder Export B.V., CNB Showtuin / De Tulperij, FBT Showtuin / The Tulip Barn and Henk van Eeuwijk were also opened during the Holland Dahlia Event.