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Location to visit


Heereweg 347
2161 DB
The Netherlands


T: +31 252 431 234

Trial locatie – showtuin

Oude Herenweg 16B
2215 RZ
The Netherlands

CNB is the largest intermediary trading in flower bulbs, tubers and perennial plants. Our customers place their trust in our network and our knowledge in the field of negotiating sales and purchases. We are familiar with the varieties and the different sales channels and respond to developments. With our network and our representatives, we connect all market parties. Through different channels we ensure that the trade is handled quickly and dynamically.

Dahlias are one of the products that CNB handles. The CNB Dahlia team consists of two representatives, Richard Walkier and Dave van Schie. They look forward to welcoming you to the show garden during the Holland Dahlia Event. At the show garden there will be 600 cultivars provided by 25 different suppliers. Would you like to admire a large proportion of the Dahlia assortment in one place? Then the CNB Dahlia show garden is absolutely to be recommended. There will be growers and breeders showing off their varieties; and cut, pot and dry sale varieties planted out on display. The CNB Dahlia show garden is located at Oude Herenweg 16B in Voorhout, as we have formed a partnership with De Tulperij. While we from CNB welcome our commercial relations and trade visitors and answer their questions, De Tulperij welcomes the consumers. It’s a great exchange at a lovely location.