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H.G.J. Broekhof


Tuber grower


Leidsevaart 24 A
2161 AS
The Netherlands


Telefoon: +31 6 531 258 43
Fax: +31 252- 123 77

The company Broekhof Dahlia Kulturen has been around for 60 years and has passed from father to son. It is a dahlia company that cultivates six hectares of dahlias. This amounts to 1 million planted cuttings, making Broekhof Dahlia Kulturen a mid-sized nursery. The company cultivates 25 different cultivars for use in cut flower cultivation and flower production. Buyers of the cut varieties include Katie Stienen from Straelen in Germany, Stefan Ishler in Switzerland and several Dutch growers who supply their flowers to the Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg auctions. There are always local and foreign buyers for the flower production to create floats for parades and mosaics from dahlia flowers, such as the ones in the photos. We also deliver dahlia tubers to exporters throughout the Netherlands, who in turn send them all over the world.
We warmly invite you to visit our company on one of these days.