What will visitors see at the Holland Dahlia Event?

The third Dahlia Event

The Holland Dahlia Event to be held on 21, 22 and 23 August will welcome fellow professionals from all over the world to view assortments at nine locations. Hundreds of dahlia varieties will be on display so that visitors can admire and compare their shapes, leaf structures, heights and many more characteristics. Where can visitors see the various displays during this event?

Choosing varieties for an assortment

The Holland Dahlia Event offers export and trading companies the perfect opportunity to choose varieties for their assortments. In the Netherlands, the majority of dahlias are grown and traded in a region between Leiden and Haarlem; this is also where the leading flower producers, tuber producers and export companies specialising in these tubers are located. The Holland Dahlia Event thus makes it easy to visit more than one of these companies in a single day. These are the companies that will be open to visitors:

1. Ariko dahliavermeerdering en veredeling
Arika dahliavermeerdering en veredeling (dahlia propagation and breeding) began producing a wide range of flowers in 1974. These included dahlias with a focus on dahlias as cut flowers. In 1999, the company started breeding dahlias for cut flower production. The display garden will present many new colours and types of dahlias for cut flower production.

2. CNB
During this event, the CNB brokerage will exhibit more than 600 dahlia cultivars in its display garden and the largest collection of the commercially available varieties. Also included in the collection will be new cultivars. The CNB dahlia display garden will be located at De Tulperij.

3. De Tulperij
De Tulperij is the location for CNB’s display garden with its 600 dahlia varieties produced by Dutch growers. De Tulperij also provides consumers with information and gives advice on the growth and flowering of dahlias. The display garden will be open from 1 August through 12 October during which various consumer-related activities will be held.

4. Fa. J. van der Linden
Kwekerij Fa. J. van der Linden is a family business with a long history in dahlia production. The company started producing cut flowers back in 1920 and began growing dahlias in the early 1960s. It now produces its own dahlia cuttings every spring. In addition to producing dahlia tubers, J. van der Linden also engages in producing dahlias as cut flowers.

5. Fa. H.A. van Eeuwijk & Zn.
Fa. H.A. van Eeuwijk & Zn. is a prominent producer of dahlia tubers. During the Holland Dahlia Event, this company will have a display garden consisting of a large assortment of varieties as well as an exhibit of dahlias as cut flowers. This company specialises in flowers of exceptionally high quality.

6. FBT
Facilitair Bedrijf Tuinbouw will exhibit a large collection of dahlias for example in their display garden with more than 500 different dahlia cultivars. Of special interest for visitors will be the 142 new cultivars produced by breeder Jan van Ruiten. FBT will be pleased to talk about the various cultivars as well as opportunities for collaboration.

7. Fred de Meulder Export B.V.
Fred de Meulder Export is a major specialist in dahlias. This export company has been trading in dahlia tubers since 1898 and sells them to landscapers, webshops and packaged for retailers. The company also specialises in supplying professional cut flower producers with dahlia tubers. Their exhibit will contain more than 250 dahlia varieties.

8. Kasteel Keukenhof
More than 150 varieties of dahlias in bloom will be on display at Kasteel Keukenhof from mid-July until October. It is here that the official opening of the Holland Dahlia Event will take place on 21 September. This is when the Phoenix float, once again covered with dahlias especially for the Keukenhof Dahlia Days, will be on display. Kasteel Keukenhof will organise entertaining events for the public on 25 August.

9. P.J.M. van Schie V.O.F.
Kwekerij P.J.M. van Schie V.O.F. started growing dahlias in 1978 and soon thereafter began producing cuttings. This was followed by an increase in their assortment and production. During the Holland Dahlia Event, their display garden will feature around 140 varieties including their own Jumbo (large-flowered) series, their Pacific (profusely flowering) series and dozens of new seedlings.

10. Weijers Nurseries
By now, it’s the fourth generation of dahlia growers who are running Weijers Nurseries. They specialise in producing dahlia tubers and the field production of dahlias as cut flowers. Here, visitors can expect to see an exclusive assortment of 180 different dahlia varieties. These are especially suitable for dry sales, pot plant production and floriculture.

More information about the visiting location is available at www.hollanddahliaevent.com.