The third Dahlia Event

The third Dahlia Event

Want to know everything about dahlias? Visit the Holland Dahlia Event on 21, 22 and 23 August. So successful before, it’s now being held for the third time.

Dahlia breeders are developing varieties with new shapes and colours all the time. To get a good picture of today’s dahlia assortment, flower growers, tuber growers, tuber exporters and service providers are joining forces to exhibit their latest innovations.

For professionals
Exporters and traders are welcome to come and take a look at the dahlia assortment by visiting any of the nine locations situated between Leiden and Haarlem. The opening will take place in the Castle Gardens at Keukenhof where a real show-topper will be a float decorated with dahlias representing ‘the resurrection of the Phoenix’.

Dahlias at each location will be presented in flower. Both familiar and promising new varieties will be on display in the field and in vases. During your visit, you will have plenty of time to meet each other, see everything, put an assortment together, discuss trends and consider market opportunities.

Practical aspects
To make a visit to the Netherlands as efficient as possible, the Holland Dahlia Event is being scheduled at the same time as the Plantarium. This way, you can visit both events. More information about the Holland Dahlia Event is available at

Also for consumers
In addition to professional visitors, the Holland Dahlia Event also welcomes consumers. Special events are being organised such as dahlia workshops, visits to the dahlia show garden, the making of dahlia mosaics, and cycling along the dahlia mosaic route.