Holland Dahlia Event 2020 in adapted form

We have now had 3 successful volumes of the Holland Dahlia Event. The reach of our campaign has been enormous in these 3 years and we would like to continue this success. Recently we have looked at the possibilities for a modified version of the Holland Dahlia Event 2020.

Due to all regulations and measures regarding the Corona virus, we have had to adjust our ideas several times and the uncertainty about this has made us decide to wait with the reporting. We are all the happier now that we can announce that we will organize the Holland Dahlia Event 2020 in an adapted form. We will record video content and impressions in the period August and September 2020 to put the dahlia in the spotlight and share it as widely as possible.

Longer period
There are no clearly defined days this summer for visitors to view visiting locations. The visiting locations that are available can usually be visited in the period from mid-August to the end of September 2020, with due observance of the then applicable rules.

Plan your visit
The visiting locations are the CNB Dahlia Show Garden at De Tulperij, FBT Dahlia Show Garden, A.T.G. van Haaster, Keukenhof Castle and Weijers Blooming Dahlias. Check the website www.HollandDahliaEvent.com for more information about the visiting locations. For the address details and opening dates of these addresses, we ask you to keep an eye on the website from the end of June.