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De Ree Holland B.V.




Friends of the Dahlia


Lisserbroekerweg 60
2165 BG
The Netherlands


Telefoon: +31 252 417 751
Fax: +31 252 411 343

De Ree Holland has been active since 1919 in the export of a very broad assortment of A-quality packaged flower bulbs, tubers, perennial plants, aquatic plants and edible ‘grow your own’ products for the retail trade. Flower bulbs are the core business. The family concern has grown into one of the most important suppliers of flower bulbs in consumer packaging in various quality segments. The organisation exports to almost 40 countries and is the market leader in the sector. Europe, Asia and North America are its most important markets. Germany is its primary export country, followed by the UK.

The main office of De Ree Holland is established in Lisserbroek, South Holland. There are two other branches: one in the UK and one in Switzerland. With an experienced and enthusiastic team of 50 full-time staff and an extensive team of flexible employees for the peaks of the season, De Ree Holland stresses complete and prompt delivery for a competitive price.

There is a continuous striving for perfection in the field of production, the production process and logistics, but aspects like sustainability and customer service are also priorities at De Ree Holland. Various checks ensure a consistently high quality of products and processes. Both the raw materials and the packaged, finished products are inspected by expert quality control personnel, from the arrival of the raw materials to the shipment of the final products.