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Friends of the Dahlia


Pastoorslaan 30A
2182 BX
The Netherlands


Telefoon: +31 252 419136
Fax: +31 252 427 780

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Pastoorslaan 30A
2182 BX
The Netherlands

Welcome to the website of the only real dahlia specialist worldwide! We can proudly call ourselves like that. Our “mother company” is already selling all types of flower bulbs since 1898(!). All very beautiful varieties but dahlias are our absolute favorites for 3 generations.

After having sold professionals only for 118 years, we started this website last year. We would like to share our passion for dahlias with you!

Strengths of dahlias? Really all colors, shapes and sizes are available.

  • Trendy flower
  • Flowers in your garden from mid-July to the first frost.
  • Many flowers for relatively little money, 4 months of flowering in your garden for around € 30, – / m2.
  • To be used in your border
  • And certainly to be used as a cut flower (see links for examples)

Big or small flowers, pink, purple, white or two-tone? Make your choice here and enjoy!