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Weijers Blooming Dahlias


Tuber grower


Ambachtsweg 5
2211 JN
The Netherlands


Telefoon: +31 6 51 86 46 25

We are the 4th generation of dahlia growers and specialise in the cultivation of dahlia tubers and of cut flowers from elsewhere.
Our company is established in Noordwijkerhout in the heart of the bulb-growing region. From there we produce and handle our products.
We also participate in the Coop Dahliakwekerij Gallery UA.

We supply our dahlia tubers to exporters and trading companies and to growers for cut flower cultivation.
Our buyers come to us for a wide assortment of dahlias, consisting of 230 different cultivars suitable for dry sale, flower and pot cultivation.
We feel it is important that our products are delivered as agreed to match our buyers’ wishes.
We also pay attention to the improvement of existing varieties and also this season an expansion with dozens of new varieties, but only the best and loveliest ones are included in our collection. In addition, we grow cultivars at the request of our buyers.

During the Holland Dahlia Event we invite exporters, buyers, breeders and colleagues to visit our dahlia field. We show our broad and exclusive assortment dahlias, which will be in flower. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and passion with you to make cultivating dahlias an even greater success and look forward to meeting you at our flowering company!